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I am a diligent learner, passionately ambitious, and value curiosity and engagement.

“To thine own self be true.” — Hamlet: Act I: Scene 2. William Shakespeare

I have been reliably persistent throughout life. As I matured academically, intellectually and physically, I’ve encountered challenges I never would have expected, but can anyone? I powered through. I persisted. I’m like hard shell candy, as my dad used to tell me.

I have always valued academics and genuine learning (yes, those are two different things). Putting elbow grease into homework assignments and essays is not the same as exploring and engaging new ideas at high level thinking. I feel my most comfortable in the classroom, where I can do that, and be surrounded by exceptionally smart students and advisors, whom I look up to.

Professionally, my goal is to make a positive impact on someone’s life (preferably more than one actually). After volunteering at a low income preschool, I realized how important it is to use my ability and privilege to do good, rather than just for my own benefit. Simply interacting and being goofy with the preschoolers showed me how truly wonderful they are, and that everyone can be extraordinary, if only given the opportunity. I want to empower people to recognize and reach their own extraordinary heights.