In Florence, I met a new man. His name is David; he’s about 3 x my size and he’s 510 years old. 

I lost my ability to speak words and tears swelled to my eyes. I was shook. This sculpture affected me in ways no other piece of art has, and I’d say I’ve seen a bit of art in my day. (I love every second of it (wish my mom was here to appreciate it with me!!)). 

It was an honor and a priveledge to see Michelangelo’s masterpiece (well, one of many that is). I cannot wait to go back and see him again. 

I’m sharing his feet, because 1) I don’t want to ruin the moment for when you do see it. 2) During the last 6 months of Michelangelo’s work, he was buffing and priming the sculpture to protect it from the weather, as it was crafted to be placed in Piazza Vecchio, but wanted to let the feet be more weathered, as David was a farm boy; he had coarse and imperfect feet and Michelangelo wanted to include that. 3) A crazy man in the 90s jumped the guardrail and attacked David’s feet. Ugh.

(Those of you faithful readers, please consider this retroactively posted on May 20…..) 


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